Residents say ‘no’ to Quadrant plans in parish referendum

The proposed commercial units for the Quadrant
The proposed commercial units for the Quadrant

Residents in Wyberton have today voted to show their opposition to the Quadrant development.

The referendum result, announced tonight, saw 483 people - 86.25 per cent – voting ‘no’ to the Quadrant and just 77 coming out in support.

The turnout was just 18.76 per cent.

Votes were cast at Wyberton Village Hall between 4pm and 9pm and the result will now guide the parish council’s formal response to the plan.

It was a single yes/no question and asked ‘do you want the development, known as the Quadrant, to be built?’.

The cost of the vote was said to be about £1,500.

The Quadrant plans include up to 500 homes and a new 5,000-capacity stadium for Boston United.

The first phase of the Quadrant - or Q1 - is also planned to include a 60-bed hotel, food store and petrol filling station, restaurant, pub and hot food takeaway.

A new distributor road and a roundabout junction on the A16 is also planned.

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