Reports of cats being poisoned with ‘ecstasy’ type drug

Police news.
Police news.

Police have received reports that cats are being ‘poisoned’ in the Woad Farm Road area of Boston.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman has confirmed they have received two separate reports from cat owners with concerns their pets were poisoned with ‘an ecstasy-type drug’.

The spokesman said one Woad Farm Road resident reported two cats had been poisoned. These are said to be recovering at home.

A second reported finding one of their cats dead in an alleyway, which they believed was poisoning with recreational drugs.

However, the spokesman added: “Neither took their cats to the vets and no tests were carried out on the animals, so there is no evidence at this stage to show they were poisoned by drugs.”

Both calls came into the police on Saturday, June 7.

Reports have circulated on social media about a number of other incidents of cat poisonings in the Woad Farm Road area - although these cases are yet to be confirmed.

Has your cat been poisoned?