Sex change dog shocks vets... just one of the stories from our archives

45 years ago... Vets in Boston were baffled by Kandy - the six-year-old black-haired bitch was thought to be undergoing a sex change.

This, they said, was almost unheard of in veterinary circles. Kandy was bought by her Boston owner for just 5s. Her father was a cross between a sheepdog and a poodle and her mother was a terrier but no-one really knew what that made her. The dog bizarrely started to change sex two years previously. Her owner said her ‘male activities’ had increased and were causing concern.

The vets said it was an extremely unusual case and said it was possible she needed to take female hormones to help.

l Two lead urns worth about £300 each were taken from their pedestals outside Fydell House in Boston’s South Square.

The urns, made in 1726, were stolen late one night. The following day, a privately-hired loud speaker van drove around town appealing for information about the theft.

l Parents and children in Boston were told to beware of men in a ‘prowl van’ and urged not to take any lifts from strangers. The warning was made by The Standard in a safety campaign following an incident the previous week when three little girls walking home from Tower Road School were accosted by two men in a large van. The girls became scared and ran away.