Standard helps to save baby hedgehog from ‘prickly’ heat

'Stan' the hedgehog was rescued outside The Standard's office. GG
'Stan' the hedgehog was rescued outside The Standard's office. GG

WHILE visitors to our Boston Standard office seeking help is not usual, the last thing you expect on a sunny afternoon is a baby hedgehog in need.

The small creature was found snuffling about on our doorstep and attracting the attention of a small crowd when I went out to see him.

As it is unnatural for hedgehogs to be out in daylight hours, I knew this meant it was unwell.

I contacted Caddington Hedgehogs in Old Leake who advised I keep it overnight.

So there he was, sat in a cardboard box in our office, with shredded paper for cover waiting until I could take him home.

Standard staff decided he needed a name, so aptly we called him Stan.

Overnight he eagerly devoured chicken-flavoured cat food and drank some water.

After some failed attempts at escape, he eventually slept on an old towel in his box.

Angela Smith from Caddington Hedgehogs took him into her care the next morning and diagnosed him straight away with lungworm and ticks. He was also very underweight.

The eight-week-old hog was put on a course of antibiotics and has now fully recovered.

Angela said: “He’s already put on weight and we’re looking to release him in two weeks when he’s a healthy 400 grams.”