‘The stats are wrong, our road is dangerous’

A car accident in Ralph's Lane earlier this year.
A car accident in Ralph's Lane earlier this year.

A worried resident who has experienced several traumatic incidents of cars ploughing into her garden is appealing for drivers to slow down.

Dawn Rickell, of Ralphs Lane, Frampton Fen, has suffered her property being hit four times in two years, and been woken up several times to the sounds of cars crashing outside and the sirens of emergency services attending.

“People need to slow down on this road as we don’t want a fatality,” said Dawn, who first contacted The Standard last July about the 40mph road’s ‘dangerous’ bend, where it meets Spotfield Lane.

Since then, she says there have been at least four more accidents.

The latest, just down the road from her property, occured earlier this month, with a car ending up in a dyke. It is believed that nobody sustained serious injuries.

“In December I had my wrought iron fence taken up after a car hit it,” she said. “These accidents are very traumatic and stressful. It’s the third time my fence has been destroyed.”

Residents there say the severity of the problem is not being fully recognised by the authorities.

Neighbour John Sweetman, whose property has also been hit by vehicles leaving the road, said: “The problem is not all accidents there are reported, and if the emergency services don’t attend, I don’t think they are recorded as official incidents.

“It’s crazy but I think it will take two or three deaths here before anything further is done.”

Official figures by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership do not match up with the residents’ count of accidents.

A spokesman said: “In the area where Ralphs Lane meets Spotfield Lane there have been seven incidents in the past five years. All were driver error. The last two occurred on January 28 this year, both at 8:50am. Both drivers claimed to have skidded on black ice.” He added: “Ralphs Lane was tested over 10 months ago and it was found that the grip levels of the surface were reduced. In November 2012 the area was resurfaced.”