Town weatherman reflects on sunnier than normal 2013


Amid the sunshine of 2013, Bostonians still had to endure 176 days of rain and 131 ground frosts.

Boston weatherman Albert Kirkham has collated the results of all his reports throughout the year.
The mean maximum temperature for the year was 13.9C (57.1F) and the mean minimum temperature was 6.1C (43.2F). Both are the same as the annual average. The highest maximum temperature was 31.1C (88F) on August 1.
The lowest minimum temperature was -8.9C (16F) on January 17.
Bostonians enjoyed 10 days where the temperature rose to 26.7C (80F) or above - and there were 48 days with warm temperatures between 21.1C and 26.1C (70F-79F).
There was less rainfall in 2013 than usual - with 527.8mm (20.77ins) against the average of 606.2mm (23.86ins).

The greatest rainfall in one day came on October 27, with 35mm (1.38ins).
There were 55 air frosts, 30 days of snow or sleet, 16 days of fog, 71 days with no sunshine, 13 days of snow on the ground, five days of thunder and two days of hail.

There were 1,713.2 hours of bright sunshine against the average of 1,688.1 hours. the sunniest day came on May 27, June 7, and July 5 with 14 hours each.
The highest barometer reading, on November 26, was 30.59ins. The lowest, at 28.7ins was on December 24.

Mr Kirkham added: “Of the year, January and February were the coldest, July was the warmest, April saw the driest month, against October being the wettest.

“July was also the sunniest.”