Could Wormgate’s troubles be over?

TRAFFIC problems down an historic road in Boston town centre could be coming to an end, after local authorities agreed to look into stopping up the thoroughfare, but one business owner is sceptical about the plans.

Lincolnshire County Council has said it will look into the feasibility of putting bollards and signage in Wormgate to prevent motorists using the narrow cobbled street as shortcut, or for parking. At a meeting last Wednesday the council called for a feasibility study to discover whether or not this is possible.

The whole process could take up to nine months, according to head of highways Steven Willis.

But Marc Batchelor, who runs Misa, said he is not convinced that this will bring an end to businesses’ traffic woes, as he said promises of this type had been made once before.

He said: “It’s re-inventing the wheel. In 2006 all the work was done to say where the bollards would go. This is going to take months.

“As winter draws on we are going to have very great difficulty in keeping the area looking well and attracting customers. We need the traffic stopping and we need it stopping now.”

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council, which is also involved in the project, said investigations had taken place, but said other projects got in the way.

Problems on Wormgate include traffic using it as a rat-run, causing danger to pedestrians and possible damage to businesses.