Final fortnight’s roadworks to be carried out overnight


Ongoing roadworks on Boston’s John Adams Way will now be made overnight in order to ‘minimise inconvenience to local residents’ – says the county council.

The work includes improving pedestrian crossings, resurfacing the road and creating a cycle path.

These have already been running for four weeks, requiring some lane closures which were restricted to off-peak hours.

However, starting tomorrow (Tuesday) and for the remaining two weeks of the project, the work will be completed between 7pm and 6am.

Executive councillor for Highways and Transport Richard Davies said: “Throughout this project, we’ve been doing everything we can to reduce the inconvenience caused to area residents and businesses.

“Although the nature of the work being done previously meant it had to be done during the day, we’ve reassessed the work that’s still required and have decided we’ll continue the improvements at night when there is less congestion on the roads.

“This arrangement shows we are listening to people’s concerns and addressing them where possible while still improving the town’s roads in line with the Boston Transport Strategy.”

The project is set for completion on October 26, weather permitting. Lincolnshire COunty Council says there may be occasions when off-peak lane closures are ‘necessary for short periods of time’, but these will be ‘avoided where possible’.