Gridlock prompts call for action on Boston’s roads


A call for action has been made in light of the severe traffic congestion which followed a collision in Boston.

Boston Mayor Coun Alison Austin wrote to the leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Coun Martin Hill, requesting a full investigation into the ‘gridlock’ in the hope of preventing any future reoccurrences.

The collision, at about 1.40pm on June 13, left the A16 closed between the ATS and Liquorpond Street roundabouts for about three hours, but continued to cause disruption into the early evening.

Coun Austin wrote: “On behalf of the people of Boston I request that this entire incident is fully investigated and serious consideration given to ways of alleviating such situations in the future.

“This was not an isolated occurrence; any incident on Boston’s roads can cause gridlock to a greater or lesser extent.

“Should this sort of situation have to be tolerated in 2014?”

A council spokesman said closing a main arterial road in any town or city in an emergency is likely to have a severe effect on traffic flow, but the situation in Boston was exacerbated by the fact it had an impact on rush hour traffic.

Head of highways at the council Satish Shah said: “In a situation like this we have to divert traffic via alternative routes, but these roads simply can’t handle as much traffic.

“The only thing we’re able to do is ask motorists to avoid the area and allow extra time for their journeys.”

Sgt Chris Dennett, from Lincolnshire Police’s Collision Investigation Team, stressed that ‘difficult decisions’ had to be made in response to serious collisions to secure evidence.

He said: “We will only have one opportunity to seize that evidence and build up a picture of the circumstances of the collision and we owe it to victims and their families to do the best possible job we can and ensure that ultimately, justice is served.”

No arrests were made for the June 13 incident.