‘Help us clear Boston’s roads of mud’



Farmers and motorists are being urged to help keep Boston’s roads clear of mud.

Boston borough councillor Bob McAuley held a meeting with Lincolnshire County Council highways officers, police and members of the public to discuss the problem and said it was ‘constructive and informative’.

At the meeting he police outlined the work they have been doing over the past eight months to help resolve this issue.

Coun McAuley said: “We all appreciate we live in a rural area where agriculture is an important industry. But that should not absolve anyone of their responsibilities regarding mud and debris left on the roads that we all have to use – especially when mud represents a hazard to drivers and motorcyclists.

“I am sure no farmer would want to be responsible for causing an accident because of mud left on the road. Some have demonstrated that, difficult as it may be when the weather is bad and they really have to be on and off the land, that mud can be cleaned off.

“It is very early days and the problem will not be solved overnight. However, with the cooperation of the farming community, developers and the authorities working together we can make our roads safer and cleaner.”

Anyone who sees a vehicle depositing large amounts of mud or debris on a road is urged, if it is safe and legal, to take the offending vehicle’s registration number and location and report it to police on 101.




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