Twilight and vampire film fans told to beware wolf-like dog breeds

Loki and Obi, huskies from Jay Gee Dog Sanctuary.
Loki and Obi, huskies from Jay Gee Dog Sanctuary.

‘Trendy’ wolf-like dog breeds made popular by teen vampire films are being increasingly abandoned, according to a local rescue centre.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue at Algarkirk has seen a rise in the number of huskies and malamutes being given up or abandoned at its five UK centres.

And the problem appears to be growing on a national level, with numerous animal charities and organisations reporting a similar increase in cases involving such breeds.

“The organisation as a whole is seeing an increase in huskie types, especially malamutes,” said centre manager Jo Hickson. “People take them on because they look wolf-like but then can’t handle them an we are getting more and more phone calls with people wanting to give them up.”

Jo said others have been calling the centre asking ‘what are those dogs that look like wolves?’.

“I would always advise people not to pick a dog based on its appearance, as appearances can be deceptive,” she said.

Huskies are bred to run up to 40 miles a day, pulling sledges across icy terrain. They are also pack animals and do not like being left on their own.

Jo said: “They are incredibly demanding on your time as a breed and need specialist owners who can offer plenty of room, exercise and experience.

“They can become very noisy and destructive if they’re left indoors or in a back yard.”

The centre is currently caring for two huskies, Obi and Loki (pictured).

“We are just trying to keep them happy and stimulated but they are a lot of work,” said Jo.

Figures seems to indicate that the next breed of dog that will be flooding the market, is the huskie.

Presently Staffordshire bullterrier breeds are the breed most prevalent at rescue centres, and it is now feared that huskies are becoming the next ‘status-symbol’ dog of choice.

“People think they look impressive to other people when they are walking them,” said Jo, “so they are becoming a bit of a status symbol.”

Akitas are another wolf-like breed being taken in by inexperienced owners and subsequently abandoned, but Jo warned: “Akitas are a Japanese fighting dog breed and if they got into the wrong hands it really wouldn’t be good. “Thankfully we have not seen so many of this breed in the Boston area yet but there are breeders here.”

She criticised irresponsible breeders for selling wolf-type dog breeds without explaining their needs to the new owners.

“There are responsible breeders, but unfortunately there are also those just looking to make a quick buck,” she said.

With the increased numbers being abandoned nationally, many have put their appeal down to the huge popularity of teen-vampire films and Tv shows like the Twilight films and books, which feature wolves prominently.