VIDEO: Baby hedgehog returned to the wild after recovery

THE baby hedgehog rescued by The Standard last month has now returned to the wild.

The animal, appropriately named ‘Stan’ by staff, was found in distress on our Church Lane office doorstep last month.

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Angela Smith, from Caddington Hedgehogs, in Old Leake, successfully treated the emaciated eight-week-old creature for lungworm and ticks. Within a few weeks he had doubled his weight and was ready for release.

We went out with Angela on Wednesday evening to see Stan and two fellow prickly friends return to the wild at a private nature reserve in the Boston area.

But there was no toddling off into the sunset and no farewell fanfare – Stan simply ventured part way out his release pod, snapped up some mealworms and then hid back inside.

Angela said: “They often don’t come out until it’s dark and you’ve gone home – so you’re lucky he posed for the camera.”

Caddington Hedgehogs has several creatures currently in care and receiving treatment, including one attacked by a dog.

There are four permanent ‘residents’ with disabilities that can never return to the wild. These live in a large landscaped ‘hog garden’ at the centre.

The rescue centre is expecting an influx of hedgehogs needing care through the winter months and is fundraising to pay for their food and care.

l If you can help Caddington Hedgehogs or if you see a hedgehog in distress call the centre on 01205 872135. The centre is not able to offer a collection service.