‘We’ve had a ‘woof’ time - can you help?’

Sam the spaniel-collie cross is looking for someone to give him a second chance.
Sam the spaniel-collie cross is looking for someone to give him a second chance.

IT IS a sad ‘tail’ of two lovable dogs that had bad luck with finding new homes despite months of trying.

The RSPCA Lincolnshire East branch, which covers the Boston area, is desperately trying to find new homes for the lovable dogs Sam and Sally.

The pair have both been in RSPCA care for almost nine months, and despite their friendly tempraments, they still haven’t found new homes.

Cherrie Barlett, rehoming co-ordinator at the branch, said: “We just hate it when we get dogs that for some reason, through no fault of their own, fail to attract new owners.

“What is even more heartbreaking is that we thought this pair had found loving new homes, but sadly due to changes in circumstances, and through no fault of their own, they had to come back to the RSPCA.”

Spaniel-collie cross Sam, is 18-months-old and described as ‘handsome and loving’. The ideal owner will preferably have experience of collies. Sam could also be suitable for agility training as he is bright, quick to learn and full of energy.

Cherrie said: “He will make an amazing loyal pet and he is just bursting with love to give to the right person.

“It is also the same for Sally. She is a white German shepherd and had a skin problem, but that has been dealt with. She is four-years-old and fabulous, but again is being ignored and we just don’t know why.”

She added: “We know there is the perfect owner out there for both these dogs, and all we ask is that if you are considering getting a new dog please come and see this pair first.”

l If you are interested in rehoming Sally or Sam or need more information contact 01205 319 059.