Call for annual council report

THIS week Boston Borough Council has invited an eminent group of professionals to visit as a part of the Local Government Association peer challenge.

These are a group of people who come and give their professional opinion of how a council is operating and suggest some ways to improve its services.

The Labour group on the council will be meeting up with these people and we will certainly be giving our views of how the council is being run at the present time.

We will also be mentioning our strong desire for the introduction of annual reports which we feel would then focus the minds of our fellow councillors and the way we run our services.

We have been very much encouraged by the excellent practice of the leaders and their councillors at Kirklees Council, who have for many years now provided their constituents with an annual report of how they have represented the electorate and the area in the last twelve months. The annual reports contain the views of the Councillor, not always those of Kirklees Council who do not take any responsibility for the content on external web sites.

This is the link to Kirklees council:

Boston Labour councillors are interested to hear from the electorate of Boston - do you believe you should be given the same opportunity to receive an annual report of your local councillor’s activities?

Why should you go to the ballot box every four years and not know what your councillor has done for you in your ward and your town? Do you agree with us that we should table this issue for discussion at a full council meeting and see whether the other councillors wish to support this excellent engagement opportunity with the people of their wards, or do they wish to continue to keep you in the dark about their activities/ non activities?

The Labour group have recently had some success on Boston Borough Council by persuading the ruling Tory group that attendance at meetings should be recorded on the council website and you will soon be able to see the members’ register of interests as well.

We now think it is time for all councillors to give you an annual update of their activities.