Cemetery workers do good job

Dear Sir/Madam,

I feel I have to write to your newspaper about the condemnation of the people who work at the main cemetery/crematorium.

I feel that the people that work down there regularly have always done a good job and are still doing.

I have been going down there to tend and take flowers for near on 20 years and have never had reason to complain.

Sometimes the grass is a bit long and there is an odd weed or a few leaves on or around the stones but I have always got my gloves with me so would just tidy up and I think nothing of it.

Surely people do not expect it to be pristine all the time? The weather has not been the best this year for people’s own gardens let alone keeping a large area like the crematorium/cemetery in tip-top shape.

Why not, when you go to take flowers to your loved ones, take your shears and gloves and have a little trim around your area? Don’t always rely on the cemetery workers.

So, well done lads and lasses, keep up the good work you are doing.

Christine Pick

Days Lane