Condemning handling of pensions and work conditions

I HAVE been asked to write to you on behalf of the members of the GMB B55 Boston General Branch to condemn the Tory coalition government’s disgraceful handling of public sector pensions and work conditions.

This government is breaking a long tradition of negotiating and they are ignoring the views of millions of public sector workers. So it is no surprise to hear that public sector staff working in key professions such as in teaching, lecturing, job centres, court rooms and boarder agencies plus numerous other professions have decided to strike on June 30.

Our members wish to support this action and condemn the cavalier attitude of this government. When are our MP’s going to look at their own pensions? What happened about them saying ‘we are all in it together’. It would seem that some of us are ‘more in it together’ than others!


Equalities officer

GMB B55 Boston General Branch