Disagree with council leader

SADLY Coun Peter Bedford is speaking through that part of his anatomy not normally associated with vocal cords.

We heard the same sort of politically correct nonsense when Boston’s civic and ecclesiastical leaders declared the town to be ‘united in grief’ after the illegal vodka explosion.

It never ceases to amaze me how these people can live in complete denial of the reality that exists around them, in particular the problems associated with unlimited immigration and the total failure of multi-culturalism.

In Coun Bedford’s case it may well be linked to the fact that the European Union colonisers occupying substantial parts of the town are able to vote in local elections. Our dear leader describes Peter Hitchens’ Daily Mail article as ‘cliched, jaundiced, inaccurate and one-sided’ so I urge Standard readers to find it and decide for themselves.

In fact, it is a thoughtful, measured, researched and accurate analysis of modern Boston written by one of the last honest, principled commentators still allowed a voice in this land.

And to the electorate of Boston, people like Coun Peter Bedford will continue to parrot their political obfuscations and pious platitudes just as long as you are too afraid to state publicly what you mutter in private.

Defy the thought-police, get off your knees and tell them!


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