Houses left empty by selfish landlords is appalling in these times of need

I HAVE often read accounts of empty houses being boarded up and left to decay.

It is appalling in these times when housing is in such short supply, and many families are homeless.

I never thought it happened around here – how wrong I was.

Take a drive through some of the prettiest parts of our county, and you will see houses that have been left empty for years.

I am sure the owners enjoy a life in comfort elsewhere, without a thought for the many in need of a home.

We all may think we own property we have acquired on this earth, but in reality it is only loaned to us.

We all die and leave it behind, and we too, are soon forgotten.

Come on, all those who are blighting our countryside by leaving properties they own, that are crying out to become homes filled with laughter, to crumble into a pile of rubbish, do the right thing, and you will be remembered with affection.


New Bolingbroke.