Let’s have a new era after the Paralympics

So the party is over. The Paralympians go home. I feel that as a nation we can be proud of what all the members of the G.B. Team have achieved, and we can be especially proud of those from our own County.

In complete contrast do we not feel ashamed of the unchanging attitude of our government and local authorities to the provision of fair and adequate care to all with physical and intellectual disabilities?

The paralympians have shown the world just what heights can be reached, and what the human spirit can achieve. However this cannot be done without support, encouragement and facilities.

The vast majority of disabled folk will never be able to reach this level of achievement, but every one has a potential to reach their personal goals.

As a society are we now so selfish as to deny them and their families the care and support to do this?

The continuing cuts being implemented within the social care are indeed having this very affect with worse promised to follow.

The challenges that the vast majority of disabled folk and their loved ones face daily are not on the running track, in the velodrome, or in the swimming pool, but in simply living from day to day, striving to enjoy just some of the things that you and I take for granted.

My plea is that we should examine our own consciences, look for the real truth behind what is being done by our politicians to the lives of the disabled, and work for fairness and justice for this most deserving and vulnerable section of our society. Surely the days of I’m all right Jack should be gone?

Yours Tony Atkinson,

Boston Carers Group (Learning Disabilities).