LETTER: I agree with the inspector, the Market Place is dangerous

I fully agree with Insp Dave Rimmer about the dangerous way the councils have made the Market Place.

I brought a friend from overseas to see ‘the original Boston town’. Well, I thought we were at a fun fair on the dodgem cars with the way the traffic was going all over the place.

This Tuesday I was up in town in the rain and found some of the blocks slippery with the wet, just what are they going to be like when the snow and ice comes? I hate to think.

Then a car came straight for me as he wanted to park outside Lloyds Bank. I got out of his way for he was not going to stop but I could not see any markings for parking there. Was he parking illegally? In fact, you can’t see the so-called fancy stone markings that they talk about.

Also, if you are driving you should be looking out for people and other vehicles not tiny little stones. It looks to me that whoever came up with this crazy idea has no idea on road safety at all, just how to make a huge big dangerous fancy open space for some drivers to do as they wish. Never mind about mobility scooters, paraplegics, the elderly or the slow walker who has an injury or kiddies.

Talk about health and safety that we all get rammed down our throats from the higher echelon, they need to come and see Boston to see how unsafe the town is now.

What about the seat in the middle of the place, is that to see how many folk can be knocked off it like skittles, or is it for them to breath in the fumes of vehicles so they die quicker from lung cancer?

What a total waste of money when it could have been put to better use, eg re-do the Assembly Rooms so they could be used again.

I am behind our police force in this town and the rest of the country 100 per cent, for they have one hell of a job.

After all they are only trying to keep every one safe and I thank them greatly.


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