LETTER: I was treated like royalty at Pilgrim Hospital


I had treatment on Pilgrim Hospital’s Ward 2 three weeks ago as I suffer with severe chronic ostructive pulmonary disease, breathing and lung problems and so I also suffer with sleep apnoea.

The blockage was causing me more severe breathing difficulties - which were the result of lung disease and smoking. (I gave up in July last year).

I had to go to Pilgrim for an operation to clear out obstructions but during the operation my nose partially collapsed, which they warned me could happen.

I had rhinoplasty and osteoplasty where they rebuilt the rigid support of my nose. I got a better-looking nose out of it and greatly improved my breathing. This means I’m not fighting for my breath and getting tired out all the time.

From the moment I got to Pilgrim Hospital until the moment I left, I couldn’t have been treated better if I was royalty.

From the staff, nurses, consultant surgeon - everyone along the process was fantastic. They kept me informed of what I needed, let me know of any possible complications, kept checking I was ok and bringing me tea.

I know Pilgrim Hospital gets a lot of criticism but I thought the staff were exceptional.

I’ve had a few operations there and never had any complaints.

Nick Thorn