LETTER: Meetings have ‘little vision’


Boston Labour councillors have stopped attending the members’ development committee.

This is a body that has little vision and are not prepared to take on issues. For example we are the only councillors who write online annual reports. We have asked the members’ development committee to incorporate this within the council website, and at the same time, improve the profiles of all councillors.

We believe that you should know what your councillors are doing for you and when you click on most individual councillors profiles on the website, you should be able to easily see what committees they have attended, which outside bodies they have attended, know how they voted on all the issues raised in council or at the committees they have attended. You should be able to see how you can contact them, what councillor surgeries they offer, what their interests are, what interests they have declared, and how much they have received in allowances.

All this information should be readily accessible on one page for each councillor. The technology is there. Unless they are willing to be more transparent and open, we believe it is pointless turning up at their meetings. There are no good ideas coming out of them and the committee is a waste of time. They just turn up to pat themselves on the back for the ‘good job’ they believe they are doing. We think you deserve better!

Boston Labour councillors