LETTER: Police and crime commissioner candidates thank voters for support

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Two candidates from the recent Police and Crime Commissioner election have written to The Standard to thank voters for casting their ballots...

I would like to thank all the people of Boston who voted for me in the Police and Crime Commissioner election last week.

I ran a rigorous Labour party campaign based on five principles

1. To get sufficient beat officers on our streets to combat crime.

2. To make sure the views of local people are heard and listed within the policing plan.

3. Campaigning to use the Localism Bill to bring in a drinking ban in our towns.

4. To make sure that we get ‘value for money’ services but not at the cost of privatisation.

5. To argue for more police funding from central government.

Once again, thanks to all who voted for me. I would like to congratulate Alan Hardwick on his successful election as Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire.

Coun Paul Gleeson

Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner

○ Of course, it is a great disappointment not to have won - even more so as had the same rules applied to these elections as previous elections then I would have won by over 1,000 votes. But, alas, they were not the rules of this particular election and so congratulations go to Alan Hardwick.

But we did not lose either. Over 53,000 voters did not want the main political contender in Lincolnshire . The Conservative secured only 19,000 votes, showing just how strongly our campaign theme ‘stop politicians running policing’ was supported. I would like to say thank you to all those who supported me.

Good luck to Alan. Many have called this role a poison chalice, as central Government cuts are frustrating attempts to improve policing. He will need our support and he will get mine. This will not be an easy job to do at the best of times and this is not the best of times.

So where do we need to go next? Let’s look to the future and let’s look at other elections and question whether party politics will be in the interests of Lincolnshire.

Just remember; we made a big difference this time and we can do it again.

David Bowles

Campaign to stop politicians running policing