LETTER: Protect us motorists from pedestrians too


Local motorists should be really excited now that one of them has been prosecuted for ‘Failing to abide by rules at a zebra crossing’ and insist that the authorities take similar measures to protect them from dangerous behaviour!

To avoid charges of victimisation, the new requirement is to prosecute the numbers of anti-social pedestrians who deliberately cause chaos by pressing the ‘Want to Cross’ button when the road is clear, cross the road against their

red light and walk off into the sunset leaving a string of cars brought to a standstill at an empty crossing! (A succession of Prosecutions for Conduct Liable To Cause A Breach Of The Peace should take care of this!)

It will also be interesting to see how the dozens of cyclists are to be apprehended who not only fail to stop at ‘red’ lights but ride pell-mell into the conflicting traffic stream. In answer to the authorities undoubted hand-wringing about the difficulty in identifying offenders, noting that the local CCTV network is able to nail someone who merely offends public modesty by taking a quiet ‘leak’, the system is obviously capable of apprehending those who are guilty of seriously dangerous conduct which is liable to get someone killed.

J. Storry

Wyberton Fen