Letter: Revamp will not boost tourism or benefit shoppers

RE PROPOSAL to reinstate Boston’s Five Lamps. Yes - use the original. If they are keen to preserve or recreate the Market Place in an older form then use original material.

I must say, I am not altogether in favour of the proposed re-vamp.

What about the lost parking revenue for this ‘cash-strapped’ council? It will not be recouped from the outer car parks because shoppers will go where it’s easy and cheap - Spalding, Spilsby, Louth.

Putting the Five Lamps back in the Market Place will bring a return to the attempts to climb them on New Year’s Eve. A potential for public disorder in this day and age.

If they do have the outside dining areas let’s hope they provide plenty of rubbish bins because the amount of rubbish from fast food littering in this town is monstrous.

How much more money is going to be wasted on a lost cause? Look at the last effort. How much did it cost? What did it achieve? It was supposed to be the revamp we needed - what a mess.

All those paving slabs are now going to be torn up and the road opened again when it should never have been closed in the first place.

Taxis - they propose to provide 13 spaces. This is way too few - have you seen the taxis piled up in their present ‘rank’ - certainly more than 13!

Even if the council is contributing ‘only’ £450,000-odd, they cannot seriously justify it. It certainly won’t boost tourism and as for shoppers - forget it.

Ian Clayton

Tattershall Road