LETTER: Stop this mindless car vandalism

I feel I have to write to you as I think there is no alternative. It’s about the constant damage to vehicles in Sydney Street, (one more today, 18/10/12) Boston.

In the last four months I know of damage to four vehicles, two of which are in my household. So far the damage has cost me £1,000 in either insurance excess or replacing the windows of the vehicles.

Now I know that some might say we have left items in the cars for criminals to take chance on, but this is not the case and valuables were not left in cars.

My reason is to let the rest of Sydney Street be aware that some mindless fool is intent on causing damage to hard working people’s property.

The police have little or no effect on the matter and seem to have a ‘nothing we can do’ attitude (as the policeman that visited me said) and advise us to claim on the insurance.

I notice only the other week police appealing for information on an Audi that had been damaged in the town – perhaps we should all buy Audis and then our plight would be heard.

Sidney Street resident

Name and address supplied