LETTER: We should all make Quadrant decision


We all know Boston is soon going to make one of the most important decisions that it has had to make in the last decade.

Boston United Football Club wishes to move to Wyberton and to make this sustainable they wish to build houses and commercial units.

The big question that Labour Councillors have is – shouldn’t such a major decision, that will impact on the whole borough, be made by all 32 members of the council? Sadly we proposed this but it was rejected.

There is a precedent for this innovative decision making is Chester and West Cheshire, when it was making a decision on a proposal to build 2,500 homes for students. Needless to say our out of touch Conservative councillors voted against this all inclusive method.

We are now left with all the decisions to be made by a few councillors on the planning committee. We are talking about potentially major impacts on roads, education, shopping, housing, environment, sporting facilities, health provision and the reputation of our town.

Surely a project of this magnitude deserves a full hearing by all its councillors?

Boston Labour councillors