LETTER: You can learn from us in Western Australia about how to cater for tourists


On our recent visit to the UK we were dismayed to find most local authorities are not tourist friendly.

Our experience in Coningsby is an unfortunate incident. I would not recommend anyone to visit there.

We were driving a mobile home looking for somewhere to park, found a car park which was empty but for three or four cars – the sign we saw said free parking, we did not object to paying. We then saw a further sign which said ‘have you paid and displayed?’. My husband went to get a ticket and I was approached by two car park attendants saying you cannot park here. There is a notice to that effect – there were so many notices it is hard to see them all when you are driving and trying to negotiate the cars parked on the street.

The mobile home is wider than a car and you have to be very careful weaving in and out of all the cars parked in the street. This was the same throughout Lincolnshire.

What was the most upsetting was when we asked the parking attendants where we could park their reply ‘dunno’!

With the prestigious Battle of Britain Memorial flight etc in the area you should be encouraging the tourist pound. Talking to family and friends who live in East Lindsey they are all fed up with the parking issues.

May I make a suggestion that in each car park three to four bays be allocated for caravans and mobile homes, thus encouraging the tourist to stop and spend in your communities.

I have a positive – the staff at the local Co-op were very helpful and friendly.

I am now pleased to be home in Australia where tourists are catered for as they bring in dollars to the communities.

Diana & Raymond

Western Australia