Many thanks for resolving my ‘trivial’ parking issue

ON TUESDAY August 7 my wife and I made one of our regular visits to Boston, using our normal place in the car park facing the New England Hotel.

At the ticket machine adjacent to the toilets (very useful for visitors arriving and leaving) I inserted sufficient change for a three hour ticket, pressed the button - and no ticket.

I tried for a second time, but still no ticket! A very kind lady standing near by (obviously a Bostonian) said the machine was out of order, but she had successfully used the one at the corner machine just opposite to Iceland.

Paying once again, I secured a ticket!

Although the amount involved was not great, I thought it was worth reporting, and so I phoned 01205 314200 and was answered very promptly by a polite human voice and not (heaven forbid) a machine. I asked to speak to someone in the department dealing with car parks and was put through immediately to an extension which was answered after only two rings by a very polite, courteous and helpful young lady named I believe Alexis Hall.

I explained all the details and was promised that the problem would be investigated and my call returned. A day or so later, it was!

I received an apology for the fact that the machine had been out of order due to an electrical fault, and an offer of a couple of one day parking permits to compensate for the two that I paid for but did not get.

These have now been received for which I offer my sincere thanks.

Now, the object of this long and boring letter is to offer congratulations for the excellent way in which such a really trivial matter has been resolved, a rare occurrence in this modern day and age, where customer relations are so very often ignored. Many thanks.

P.S. The hanging baskets around your car parks are a joy to behold.

MR A.E. & MRS B. Smith