New bin system is just ‘barmy’!


This was my initial reaction to council plans to introduce a scheme to collect garden waste using the existing blue (recycle) bins.

Recyclable materials will apparently be placed in blue bags to be provided by the council and, I assume, be collected at the same time as the garden waste.

Why do we have to change a system which works reasonably well at present to accommodate households who are not prepared to recycle probably 95 per cent of their garden waste into good garden compost?

I would guess during a year I would fill only two or three bins full of garden waste which I couldn’t compost. These I take down to the council recycling site as and when.

I’ll continue to use my blue bin for the purpose it was originally intended, filling the blue bags just prior to collection. Let’s hope commonsense prevails and we return to the original system after the trial period.

Incidentally, The Standard didn’t help my understanding of the new system by the headline ‘Bags to the future for green waste’, surely you mean ‘Blue bins to the future for green waste’.