Non eco-friendly bags are rubbish!

EXACTLY whose idea was it to give us non-environmentally friendly plastic rubbish bags? I thought the government were doing away with them?

Good old Boston council - let’s give Boston a further bad name and have the streets and roads strewn with blue bags. (Must admit it’s a pretty blue!)

However, visitors entering Boston will think they have entered the third world with all the rubbish bags about.

And where do they expect us to store them? In the kitchen? Have they got babies/children/cats/dogs? It is just not practical for a family of six.

And several people I know will not use the blue bins as they have no garden waste so their nice blue bin will stand redundant.

Is this scheme making extra work for the bin men – so more hours – more pay, all at the taxpayers’ expense?

Why couldn’t our council have gone down the same route as other councils and given us a brown bin for garden waste? Ok. It would still mean another collection but it’s far better for the householder and would make the streets look cleaner.

So come on Boston council, stop wast(e)ing everyone’s time and money and use your brains that your getting overpaid to do!


South Parade, Boston