Tell me, where’s our bypass?

‘WHERE’S our bypass?’ screamed the notice put up by the Tories – cunningly erected on John Adams Way as the traffic built up before the local elections in May – to remind us of the failure of the then so-called Boston Bypass Party to deliver on its objectives,

And so the town dutifully returned a Tory majority onto the local council, with the effect that a bypass is now duly announced to be built... in Lincoln.

Why does Lincoln get what Boston so desperately feels it needs? Does it have anything to do with the fact that while Boston has returned Conservatives to Parliament for generations and so can be taken for granted, the Lincoln area has seats where coalition parties might genuinely feel they are in danger come the next election?

The lesson seems to be that next time, Boston should deliver a salutary shock to the Conservatives, put Simmonds and his colleagues out of a job, and then the town might actually get some overdue attention.

This certainly seems far more likely to be successful than continuing to trust to Tory promises.


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