The Stump must be protected

I write more in anger than in sorrow.

Yet again, the Stump has been the target of vandals and thieves - priceless windows broken and metal stolen.

And yet the Stump has no CCTV cameras near enough to safeguard it.

It is the interest of Boston to look after our premier tourist attraction and our international treasure.

Perhaps, during the refurbishment of the market place we could find a few thousand pounds to look after this icon of the Fens. We view the litter louts and lager drinkers on camera and prosecute them.

I watched the Big Dig in the Market Place from my own home, yet we cannot see the damage being done to our priceless heritage.

Planning decisions have not helped the church to fund its projects.

There must be a willingness from us all to help the parish.

This church is for life not just for Christmas, weddings and funerals.

Alison Fairman

Friends of the Stump