Time to wheel in bins for our garden waste

I AM writing in response to Coun Michael Brookes’ letter in the ‘Your Say’ column on Wednesday, November 23, concerning the garden waste trial which took place recently in parts of the borough.

I disagree wholeheartedly with his comments and it is evident that his own household was not one of those that experienced the trial.

Although I live in a relatively rural area on the outskirts of town, refuse collection service has always taken place in a timely manner in the past, however, during the garden waste trial, I had to ring Boston Borough Council three times to remind the relevant department that garden waste had not been collected from the courtyard in which I live.

In addition, the fortnightly collection of recyclable materials which under normal circumstances are deposited in the blue wheelie bins, and which during the garden waste trial had to be placed in blue bags on the floor, led to many of the bags being ransacked by wildlife who were doubtless attracted by smells coming from them as the majority of the material within the bags had previously contained food of some sort.

Whilst I fully support the recycling of garden waste, I would ask that Boston Borough Council see sense and like many other local authorities, provides three wheelie bins - one for general household waste, one for recyclable materials and a final one for garden waste.

This will save the expense of providing special blue plastic sacks on a regular basis and will also mean that the refuse collectors do not leave recycled materials all over the floors around the bin areas resulting from split bags.


East Wyberton