Veg bowling is wasteful and insensitive

I drove to work today along the A52 past the fields which were very busy with workers picking produce from the land.

This is so that we can have the privilege of being able to enjoy fresh vegetables on our dinner plates whenever we choose.

To see this produce thrown around a field for the sake of enjoyment is wasteful and insensitive. We still have families unable to feed themselves to a standard that most of us enjoy and there is still a Third World famine.

The Jubilee celebrations in the park will be a great success so do they really have to do this?

“These cabbages are only going to rot anyway” I hear you say but if they are, then why not give them to those who can ill afford such fresh pickings form our land.

I am not being a kill joy but please remember if you are one of those throwing these vegetables around, think. Is this really why the land workers work so hard for us to do this?

Think about those less fortunate who are unable to enjoy such fresh food.

If you can do this with little thought to others and the sheer wastefulness then you can enjoy your bowling match.

COUN Carol Taylor