Welcome litter name and shame campaign

IT HAS been announced litter louts are to be named and shamed thanks to a CCTV project run by Boston Borough Council and The Standard.

Those deliberately dropping litter in the borough may now find themselves being pictured in The Standard and facing a fine or being taken to court.

Dog fouling is also included in this campaign. Dog fouling is becoming an increasing problem. The victims of dog fouling are often children, pushchair and wheelchair users. Dog poo contains toxocariasis which is an infection that if caught can cause blindness, fits and asthma.

Following the example of Redditch Borough Council, we would urge Boston Borough Council to follow a similar campaign and engage with dog walkers and non-dog walkers about picking up their dogs’ poo and to highlight to residents the abundance of dog poo within their local area. Labour councillors will be asking for more information about how the naming and shaming campaign is going to be introduced.

1. We hope that there is going to be a weekly column with the naming and shaming of people responsible for dropping litter or allowing their dogs to foul our streets.

2. We also hope our officers will take these cases to court immediately.

3. We will be expecting a three-monthly report back to all councillors on how the scheme is running.


Skirbeck ward Boston Borough Council