What will town be like in the next 30 years?

COUN Peter Bedford needs to read the article again.

For him to call it ‘clichéd, jaundiced, inaccurate and one-sided’ is totally wrong. He needs to do as the ad says, and ‘go to spec-savers’.

I read the article on Boston in the Mail on Sunday by Peter Hitchens, and I would like to congratulate him on a very honest, well presented and balanced overview of Boston; highlighting the problems of government policies that allowed mass immigration to happen completely uncontrolled, and the impact it has had on this small town and community. He also pointed out the advantages of a limited number of immigrants and our own failings and weaknesses.

He did not blame the council, the immigrants or the good people of Boston. He clearly stated that lay with the politicians and the nanny state they have created.

Coun Bedford is correct, ‘you can’t turn the clock back to the Boston of 30 years ago’, but if this is how it is now, what will it be like in 30 years’ time? Bostonia Lincolngrad!


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l I HAVE just moved back to Donington after 34 years. I grew up in the area while my father served at Cottesmore and Coningsby. I went to school at Casterton near Stamford.

I joined up in 1977 and spent 22 years in the services and have spent the last 12 years as a close protection specialist. The last time I saw Boston it was a wonderful little town in ’77 – I saw Boston again four weeks ago and was deeply shocked and disappointed by the state of the town.

I entirely agree with the article in the Mail on Sunday last weekend. The influx off Eastern Europeans into the area has ruined the town.


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