Who is Observer?

I WOULD like to reply to your recently-appointed Observer.

A newspaper is not the right place for an anonymous secret writer.

It is neither open nor transparent.

These are two essential elements of freedom and democracy.

Is your Observer lurking in a darkened corner afraid of the light?

What has he to hide?

It is unfair as he knows quite a lot about me. But we, it would seem, are not allowed to know anything about him.

From his contributions, he appears to lack basic local political knowledge. Or does he simply get it wrong? He should know that it is impossible in Boston to create a legal ‘alcohol free zone’.

He also utterly confuses the powerless ceremonial Mayor of Boston with a proposed powerful executive Mayor.

He should also know that Lincolnshire Police are responsible for on-road parking violations in Boston.

On the other hand, Lincolnshire County Council are likely, in the near future, to take over civil parking enforcement.

They will probably delegate this and residents’ parking zones to Boston Borough Council.

But, of course, your Observer is an expert at correcting place name mistakes.

Who on earth is he?


BDI (‘Beady Eye’) member.

Editor’s note: I can confirm that following discussions with Observer prior to providing a regular column, it was decided this would be done anonymously for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, this allows the contributor total freedom to express their views and generate debate on any topic without the fear of retribution.

I would disagree that a newspaper is not the right place for an anonymous contributor – some of the very best columns have been provided by people writing under a pseudonym, including in The Standard itself with Spectator instantly springing to mind.

And finally, I would suggest the only reason Observer knows more about yourself than what you do of them is that you put yourself forward for public office – namely that of councillor at Boston Borough Council.