Why we should all Stump up cash to help St Botolph’s

WE ARE all aware that the Stump is the most iconic building in Boston, and, in Lincolnshire, second only to Lincoln Cathedral.

It is a building of national importance. It dominates the area and its looming presence enhances all in the district.

It is also commercially very important to the area as a tourist attraction.

Unfortunately, few of us care to bear in mind that the daily running costs are huge, that the cost of maintenance is massive and that the cost of repairing damage is very large.

It is my opinion that these costs are far beyond the capability of the small regular congregation of the Stump to meet. It is also my opinion that the safeguarding of the Stump is far more than a religious issue – it is a matter of civic pride.

I think, therefore, that everyone, regardless of religious persuasion, should be encouraged to give generous financial support to help maintain this great building. An easy opportunity for many is to give a realistic amount whenever they have cause to use the building.

I was very disappointed recently to learn that the collection at a special service at the Stump when 700 people attended was only £400, not much over 50p per person!

Surely much more should be expected?

I would like to think the borough council could do more, but am the first to acknowledge that is not possible given the stringent Government cuts that are hitting Boston particularly hard.

May I add that I have no direct connection with the Stump. I am, however, a churchwarden of my village church and know that a similar argument applies to most churches in the area.

My particular hope is that people attending a church, and particularly the Stump, should be fully aware of the enormous cost of maintaining these iconic buildings that are such an important feature of our landscape.

Isn’t there a saying that charity begins at home?