You wanted my time sheet – here it is!

I READ with interest a letter from T. Coope asking for councillors to show their time sheets.

So I thought I would share with you my workload for this week:


7am to 8.30am: Dealing with emails, case work and sorting out the coming week.

11am to 4.30pm: Reading papers for meeting I was to chair on Tuesday.

5.30pm to 8pm: Preparing for and then attending Full Council.

So, about an eight-hour day.


8.10am to 3.30pm: In West Street preparing for and then chairing meeting.

So, just over seven hours.


7am to 9pm: Dealing with emails, research on homelessness.

2pm to 3.30pm: Reading papers for meeting on Thursday.

6.30pm to 8pm: Attending Main Ridge Placecheck.

Around five hours.

(I won’t include 10pm to 11pm writing letter to Standard!).

For the rest of this week my commitments are:

Thursday: First thing I will sort out emails etc and then I will go to West Street to arrive around 8.30am to prepare for a licensing appeal hearing which will, I guess, last until about 4pm.

I then have a police liaison meeting at 6.30pm which will most likely last for a couple of hours.

So, around nine hours.

Friday, if I am lucky, just an hour or so dealing with emails casework etc.

Saturday morning: Litter picking with Main Ridge Placecheck for an hour or so.

Sunday afternoon: Seaman’s Service at St Nicholas’ Church.

As a lowly backbencher of a minority party on the council my workload would be considerably less than group leaders, chairs of major committees or senior members of the ruling group.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am a sad politician and I enjoy it, but the majority of councillors of whatever party do put a lot of effort into representing their communities.


Skirbeck Ward, Boston Borough Council