No regrets, but I wouldn’t do it again – Newton

Q: What’s the difference between between Frank Sinatra and David Newton?

A: Regrets!

While Ol’ Blue Eyes sung that he had a few, the Pilgrims chairman says there are none.

But there is something very similar about the pair – they both have to do things, as it’s called, My Way.

When asked if the multi-million pound hole Boston United has burned into his back pocket makes him think twice about extending his involvement with the club, Newton said ‘no’.

However, he did confess that given the option again, he would not become involved.

“I have no regrets. Knowing what I do now, would I do it again? The answer is no,” Newton said. “It’s very time consuming running a football club and we try to fit it in among our day jobs.

“It’s frustrating we can’t give it enough time. But we have to do our day jobs, it’s the only thing keeping this going.”

The day jobs he speaks of revolve around property development with Chestnut Homes. The business was built from scratch, by hard work, dedication and the desire to ‘do things properly’.

And it is that refusal to give in until something becomes a success that stops Newton from giving up wearing his amber and black striped tie on Saturdays.

“I’m bloody minded,” Newton added. “If I start something I’ll go through with it.

“I could have walked away when things were financially tough, but I’m seeing this through.”

That is something that has cost Newton a small personal fortune.

However, he believes that his background away from football – the cheap joke in these parts would be to state he grew up a Lincoln City fan – has enabled him to put the club’s best interests at heart.

Newton began his working life in Lincoln running a mobile disco before moving on to manage a hotel. After tiring of the job he wanted to run his own business and moved into the building trade.

With a casual love of sport, he feels this distance can help Boston.

He added: “I’ve never ever moaned about being involved in a football club.

“I can’t really believe I’m here as I’m not a football man.

“But that helps to keep a distance and look at it as a business, that’s what it is.

“There are some football chairman who are football people and think they can do the job better than the manager. That can be where problems begin.”