Belt up! Boston Judo Club members improve their grades

TWENTY-one members of Boston Judo Club have climbed the grading ladder.

Senior Lee Wilson was awarded his 3rd kyu green belt.

The remaining successful martial artists were all junior members.

Receiving their first mon red belts were Cameron Lynn and Emily Gosling.

Second mon red belts went to Rochelle Miles, Gabrielle Harris, Evie May Cocks, Santa Millere,

Kai Butterfield and Oliver Ball.

Blossom Thattil received her 3rd mon red belt.

The 4th mon yellow belt award went to Danielle Miles, Hugo Neves, Abigael Cocks, Amy Melson and Ryan Baxter.

Megan Boardman, Owain Boardman and Anna Millere are now 5th mon yellow belts.

Stepping up to 6th mon yellow belts are Basil Thattil, Thomas Almond and Joshua Ball.

Members are graded on both their active skill level and technical knowledge, together with self discipline towards their fellow members within the club.

Gradings are marked progressively over several weeks of observation and feedback from all coaches and helpers.

All gradings are held at the Boston Judo Club, taking on board any competitions or squad sessions they have attended.

The students are only graded at their wish and no one is graded unless they want to be.

Boston Judo Club meets at the Conservative Club, Main Ridge.

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