Boston A retain Moulder swimming trophy - for 11th year running

Boston A team receive their shield from Tess Moulder.
Boston A team receive their shield from Tess Moulder.

BOSTON A retained the Geoff Moulder Swimming Trophy for the 11th year running.

This was the first event at the training pool since re-opening earlier in the season.

The holders for the past 10 years, Boston A, were strong favourites to retain the prize. All events were over 200m with swimmers allowed to race in two individual events.

Boston A made their intentions clear right from the off as they won four of the first five races through Charlize Arundell (11/u breaststroke), Lewis Bontoft (9/u freestyle), Sam Macleod (11/u breaststroke) and Amber Nuttman (13/u breaststroke) to put the team in a dominant position.

Boston B also started well with William Pettitt (9/u freestyle) and Chloe Baldry (11/u breaststroke) both achieving second place finishes.

Further race wins for Boston A came from Lewis McGarry (9/u breaststroke) and Charlize Arundell (11/u backstroke), both swimmers beating their B team counterparts Isaac Reed and Chloe Baldry respectively into second place to give the team a healthy six-point lead after 10 events.

The team stretched this lead to 16 points over the next 10 events as further race wins by Bethany Holderness (13/u butterfly), Lewis Bontoft (9/u backstroke), Jessica Pettitt (11/u butterfly), Sam Macleod (11/u butterfly) and Lewis McGarry (9/u individual medley) showed the team’s dominance.

Unfortunately, during the same 10 events, the B team (although producing more personal best times than the A team) struggled with a string of low placed finishes even though William Pettitt and Isaac Reed both achieved second place finishes on the night in the 9/u backstroke and individual medley respectively.

Another three race wins followed in the final seven events for Boston A by Jessica Pettitt (11/u freestyle), Amber Nuttman (13/u backstroke) and the 9/u mixed relay team to complete a comprehensive win on the evening by 17 points.

Although the B team continued to pick up PBs, their low-placed race finishes meant they finished the evening in fifth place.

With several swimmers competing for the very first time this event gave them valuable experience for the open meets they will be competing in over the coming months ahead.

As always, the swimming club were grateful for the support of Geoff Moulder’s family with his daughter Tess the guest for the evening. She presented the trophies to the teams at the end of the evening.

Race winners: Boston A - Charlize Arundell (two), Lewis Bontoft (two), Bethany Holderness, Sam Macleod (two), Lewis McGarry (two), Amber Nuttman (two), Jessica Pettitt (two), 9/u freestyle relay team.

Personal best times: Charlize Arundell (two), Chloe Baldry (two), Bethany Chambers (two), Libby Dean-Allen, Samuel Humberstone, Gwion Joyce, Xristina Keeler (two), Harley Maddison (two), William Pettitt, Isaac Reed (two), Joe Reed, Grace Roberts (two).