Boston rowers in action in club championships

BOSTON Rowing Club held their Junior and Novice Winter Championships on Saturday.

The 500m straight course on the River Witham finished outside the clubhouse.

This year’s championships consisted of two teams of seven crews, three divisions of racing, with each division having a single scull (1X), double scull (2X) and quadruple scull (4X) racing side by side regatta style.

Team captains Will Campion and Harriet Housam had the task of choosing the most effective crews for each boat without knowing the other team’s choice of crews.

Single scull (1X) winners were Alex Roberts, Will Campion and Harriet Housam.

Double Scull (2X) winners were Joe Burns with Matt Adams, Indigo Summerfield with Harriet Housam, and Will Campion with Joe Burns.

Quadruple scull (4X) winners were Debbie Sutton, Sophie Roberts, Elouise Pearce with Harriet Housam in the first division, Matt Adams, Joe Burns, George Proctor with Will Campion in the second division and Jodie McNichol, Alex Roberts, Debbie Sutton with Indigo Summerfield in the final and closest race of the day in the third division.

Further awards were handed to Edward Lewis (Most Improved Sculler) and Kate Sutton and Holly Morgan (Most Promising Crew).