Boston Thunder to netball victory

Boston Thunder.
Boston Thunder.

PICTURED are the Boston Thunder team who earned a 29-7 Lincolnshire League victory over Grimsby.

Boston took the lead within the first minute and didn’t look back, with Hattie Needham’s strong passes giving goal scorer Emily Hobbs the opportunities to consistently score.

Megan Clawson, Vikki Beardsley and Charlotte Priestley’s defensive play ensured the opposition only conceded two goals in the final three quarters.

THUNDER: Megan Clawson, Charlotte Priestley, Vikki Beardsley, Billi Jackson ( C ), Savannah Hicks , Emily Hobbs, Izzy Porcher, Hattie Needham.

Players’ player: Savannah Hicks; Coaches’ player: Billi Jackson.