Castle are kings and Burton House make it a unique double in Coningsby Bowls League

BURTON House have become the first team to win both the Jubilee Cup and Fred Powell Trophy...

Jubilee Cup

CASTLE took their excellent league form into the Jubilee Cup final, defeating Sleaford Road A to lift the silverware.

Sleaford Road played well to reach the final but found Castle too strong on the Sibsey Green.

Fred Powell Trophy

THE Fred Powell Trophy final was closely contested - with Burton House just winning against a very capable Heckington side 54-49.

Burton House now have the unique record of having won both the Jubilee Cup and the Fred Powell Trophy.

Division One

SIBSEY Millers needed a few points from their game at Sleaford Road to ensure safety, but it was not to be.

The Road A won well on all three to give a 60-32 (8-0) result.

Sleaford Road A also had a good result at home to Friskney, winning well on two for a final score of 41-48 (4-4).

Division Two

PETER Tracey and his rink lost by three shots for West End in their away game at Wrangle, but the away side took the other two by nine and four shots to win the game 59-69 (2-6).

Good Fellowship lost 42-53 (2-6) at home to Sibsey Strollers.

Division Three

HECKINGTON let themselves down at BBC II, with three close rink results going to the home side, leaving Heckington with no points in the 58-42 (8-0) contest.

Division Four

SLEAFORD Road B versus Forbes Road B was as close as could be - with the away side winning on two but losing the aggregate by just one shot to a 23-11 win on the third.

The final score was 49-48 (4-4) finish.

Donington II recorded a resounding home win against Woodhall Nymphs, winning well on all three to give a 66-41 (8-0) result.

If Horncastle had started as they finished they perhaps would not be in their present position.

This week they won 70-35 at home to Donington A with an (8-0) points tally.