Castle take a step closer to Jubilee Cup bowls trophy

LATEST Coningsby Bowls League results...

Jubilee Cup

CASTLE defeated Woodhall to book their place in the Jubilee Cup final. Away from home, they won 47-70 to go on and defend their title on the Sibsey green on August 24.

Castle will play Sleaford Road A, who beat Mareham 69-40.

Fred Powell Trophy

HOLDERS Wigtoft went down 43-51 at home to Heckington, with each rink being close.

Division One

THE Forbes Road. A versus West End B game was brought forward to take advantage of the good weather.

And it worked out for the home side who won a close rink but lost on the other two to give a 38-54 (2-6) win for West End.

Division Two

A RE-ARRANGED game saw Sibsey Strollers struggle at home to Freiston A, losing on one and losing badly on a second to go down 50-64 (2-6).

Wrangle B had a good result in their home match with Billinghay, winning the decider 19-11 to give a 58-48 (6-2) finish.

Division Three

PROMOTION-chasers Burton House and Kirton A drew.

Two good rink wins matched by a 7-29 win by the away rink of Jan Dellicott, M. Gouringe and skip J. Evans gave a 50-56 (4-4) result.

Stickney went close on all three but BBC I hung on to take all three rinks and give them a 47-53 (0-8) result.

Kirton A were too strong for home side - with Stickney winning well on two rinks but going down 19-12 to the home rink of R. Rout and the Huttons to give a 44-59 (2-6) finish

Division Four

WOODHALL Nymphs, away to fellow strugglers Donington A, did well to come out 47-60 (2-6) winners, taking one rink by three shots but making no mistake on another with a 13-27 result.

Swineshead who appear to be on a roll won well at Horncastle with one rink tied and two won with apparent ease to give a 36-62 (1-7) result.

Woodhall Nymphs took a rink 21-16 and came close on the other two but went down to Forbes Rd. 47-50 (2-6).

Division Five

A GOOD rink win each in the Boston Park versus Gosberton game saw the home side winning the third by one shot and earning themselves a 48-52 (4-4) draw.