Clare’s succeed as pigeons come home for the last time this season

THE curtain came down on the racing pigeon season when Boston and District Flying Club held an open young bird race from Perth.

Ending the campaign with a bang was the husband and wife partnership of Bridget and Geoff Clare, former members of the club when living in Old Leake, but now racing out of Sloothby.

They squeezed just in front of neighbours Brian Sears and Frank Bartle, who were third and fourth, but the Clares took the next four places, flying a distance of 266 miles.

Results: 1 and 2 Mr and Mrs P.G. Clare 1341.963 and 1341.835, 3 and 4 Sears and Bartle 1341.750 and 1340, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Mr and Mrs Clare 1323, 1322, 1302 and 1298, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Mr and Mrs B Garnham 1295, 1294, 1293 and 1292, 13 A. Kirkman 1291, 14 and 15 Mr and Mrs Garnham 1278 (2), 16 Hardy, Troops, Burt and Son 1268, 17 Mr and Mrs Garnham 1266, 18 Mr and Mrs Clare 1253, 19 Hardy, Troops, Burt and Son 1252, 20 Mr and Mrs B. Garnham 1251.

Result of the Futurity Race held in conjunction with the Perth race was: 1 Mr and Mrs P.G. Clare (buyer), Allen Hall (breeder), 2 Syndicate and Hall and Seabourne; 3 R. Knight and Family and the late Carlo Napolitano (Royal lofts), 4 Mr and Mrs B.. Garnham and Mr and Mrs O. King and Sons, 5 Syndicate and Mr and Mrs R. Skinner, 6 John Platt and Mr and Mrs Skinner; 7 Hardy Troops, Burt and Son, both buyer and breeder.