Decision leaves Staples bemused

Nick Staples.
Nick Staples.

NICK Staples is still wondering how he didn’t earn victory in Corby on Saturday.

The Boston ABC fighter appeared to be in total control in his bout against James Tate at Corby on Saturday.

So much so that his cornermen and the crowd were just as shocked when the Leicester fighter’s arm was raised at the end of the fight.

Staples seemed to have done enough in the earlier rounds to ensure victory over Tate.

And that was compounded by a furious final round where Tate could do no more than cover up and retreat to the ropes to ride the blows that came his way.

On the same bill, Jared Brereton faced Jordan McKee in a contest which was close.

However, Boston’s Brereton was the better stylist and picked up the points with his left lead.

McKee was swinging right handers but Brereton was giving him little chance to connect.

As the bout reached its final stages, the Boston senior’s movement throughout seemed to sap his energy as the Corby man exerted pressure, just doing enough to gain the decision in front of his home crowd.

In Hull, Daniel Clark met home-town fighter John Oughton. Clark replied with counter attacks every time Oughton went on the offensive.

These tactics caught up with the Hull fighter, who left his chin exposed numerous times, allowing Clark to land a left hook.

Oughton was shaken and the referee stopped the contest in the final round.