Duo book places in fish final

ADAM Playford and Matt Arnold booked their places in next month’s £1,000 match after winning this week’s qualifiers.

Results: Sunday - 1 Adam Playford 80lbs 06oz, 2 Luke Morley 66lbs 08oz, 3 Tony Evans 48lbs 09oz, Pete Andrews, Westwood Lakes 46lb 02oz; Tuesday - 1 Matt Arnold 107lbs 14oz, 2 Mark Rodgers, 77lbs 02oz, 3 Steve Lane 70lbs 08oz, 4 Toby Pepper 70lbs 06oz.

Thursday’s over 50s match was won by Brian Thompson.

Results: 1 Brian Thompson 76lbs 12oz, 2 Alan Haynes 60lbs, 3 Gus Garrett 58lbs 04oz.

Junior series: 13-16 years - 1 Adam Swain 25lbs 08oz, 2 Davis Gurton 14lbs 4oz, 3 Chris 12lbs 12oz; 7-12 years - 1 Ben Darrington 16lbs 02oz, 2 Nathan Lea 13lbs 14oz, 3 Travis 6lbs 10oz.

For details of this week’s matches, log onto www.westwoodlakes.co.uk or call Alex On 07846 769 003.